3 Inspirational Ideas to Build the Ultimate Outdoor Retreat

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Your backyard is a great hangout spot for family and friends and creates the perfect escape from reality without leaving your home. Putting your own spin and twist on your outdoor space can easily make your backyard more functional and fun for the entire family. As warmer weather fast approaches, use these great ideas to renovate your backyard to be the best outdoor retreat on the block! 


Use Stone in Your Backyard

Stone can used in a wide variety of ways to create the ultimate backyard. Depending on what your family will enjoy the most, your Arkansas stone project can easily make many fun memories for you and the family.


  • Create a Stone Patio: Does your family enjoy dinners in the backyard? Create a large stone patio that can act as a gathering place for your dinner parties. Choose a stone color to accent your home and purchase some great outdoor furniture to enjoy!

  • Build a Grill Bar or Pizza Oven: Create your own ultimate man-spot in the backyard by encasing your grill in stone and create more counter space for your backyard grilling perfections! This in combination with your new stone patio will create an amazing spot in your home that will last for years to come. But don’t stop at the grill, install a new outdoor pizza oven for the kids to build their own pizzas!

  • Install a Stone Firepit: Don’t worry about rusting pits or ruining your lawn anymore. Install a new stone firepit that will look attractive year round, but also contain the fire when your family is enjoying the outdoors.


Accent Your Home with a New Deck 

Adding an updated or newly installed deck to your home can truly spruce up the entire look and feel of your home. Wood decks are great options to attach to many homes, and especially homes with vinyl siding. Decks create spaces that separate the lawn from the home and gives children an area to play while the rest of the family can relax on the deck. Purchase some great outdoor furniture and enjoy the great outdoors!


Mix and Match 

Install the best of both worlds by mixing both wood and stone to create the best backyard possible. Install a deck that leads to another stone patio or even fill in your deck foundation with stone to create a high quality look and feel. No matter how you choose to implement these styles, your family will truly enjoy and spend many days enjoying the backyard.

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