4 Ways to Use Vinyl Siding on Your Home

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Updating the exterior of your to the style and design your desire has become less expensive and even more durable over the last decade. Advances in exterior siding have improved the longevity of siding products and have led to a burst of design variety available on the market.  This is especially the case in the vinyl siding industry. Once seen as a bland and cookie-cutter siding, vinyl siding has now improved to be on of the leading installed sidings in the country. Learn how vinyl siding has improved and is now available in more designs than you can imagine here!


Create a Colonial Feel Using Vinyl Brick Stone 

Vinyl siding is no longer just a monotone, monostyle product. The siding comes in a wide variety of looks and feels including a Brick Stone. This siding can help make any home have a feel of years past or bring a colonial feel to your home. Consider using the brick stone siding on the front of your home and using a matching traditional vinyl on the other sides of the home to complete a fresh, new look. 


Build Dimension by Installing Round or Fish Scale Siding

Siding doesn’t have to be a dull, flat design. Consider installing vinyl siding that has dimension and will have your home standing out on the block immediately. The patterns created using this specific siding can be used by mixing and matching colors or only using it over gables and window treatments. This siding works especially well for country home designs and create the fresh, crisp color dimensions you are looking for. 


Channel Beach Style Using a Vinyl Cedar Shake or Panel Shake

A popular siding style for those channeling the ocean is cedar shake or panel shake. The problem with actually installing the real thing is the large cost. Luckily, there are extremely durable vinyl options that mimic this style that are very affordable. This siding is meant to have a rustic, weathered look and can make your home have a casual and carefree style loved by beachgoers. 


Best of All, Durability at An Affordable Cost

Although style is very important, having a siding that will stand the test of time, protect your home and have minimal maintenance costs is a priority. No homeowner wants to replace siding every five years or so. When choosing siding for your Arkansas home improvement project, be sure to consider how long the siding will last and the upfront costs. These and many other vinyl sidings offer a great example of affordable siding that will help you save money for years to come.

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