6 Mailbox Inspiration Ideas for Your Home

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Many homeowners like to bring a little creativity to their front yards and use their mailboxes as a welcoming tool to express their individual style. One of the popular ways to bring style the mundane mailbox is to encase the mailbox or mailbox post in beautiful stone. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, stone is actually an affordable way to bring class and taste to your front lawn. Learn more about the types of stone available and find some inspiration to create the perfect Arkansas stone project



This stone provides the jagged-edge look, making your stone project look more three-dimensional from afar and up close. The stone itself consists of darker portions which add a multi-color effect to the stone, making the style stand out and pop against green grass colors.


Dry Stack

If you are looking for the uneven hodge-podge stone look, dry stack may be a great choice for you. Dry Stack is available in over eleven colors and can be meshed together for a design specific to your home.



One of the most classic stone products on the market, limestone provides a retro-bubble style preferred by many. Limestone comes in over nine different color and styling options and can be put onto any mailbox to match limestone you are installing in your home!

Stone Mailbox Installation Inspiration Tips

Stone Mailpost: Looking to bring pop into your driveway without a bulky look? Add stone around your mail post! Every stone pillar ends up as a custom design and will make sure that your mailpost doesn’t get pulled out of the ground thanks to friends and family driving carelessly! Add a pillar on the opposite side of the driveway and have a welcoming pillar on each side for symmetry.


Stone Mailbox Enclosure: Why stop at the mailpost? A stone mailbox enclosure will ensure that your mailbox and post will not take a beating and stay beautiful for years to come. Every mailbox enclosure is a custom design and no enclosure will be the same as yours. Install the enclosure and a post of the opposite side the driveway and create the welcoming and stylish entry to your home!


High Style, Affordable Rates

A common misconception is that stone is an expensive product and is limited in style. This is far from the case. Stone comes in an extremely wide variety of colors and the prices are consistently on par with other options. Not only can this be an affordable project, but a duable one as well, because stone is one of the toughest formations on the earth.

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