Hail: How to Handle Hail Home Damage

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Over the past week Arkansas has been hit with severe weather and hail that has caused major damage to homes across the Hot Springs area. Hundreds of homes are now facing recovery and insurance claims post-weather. With many preparing for repairs and home improvement projects, understanding what needs to be done in the event of hail damage can save your family time, money and headache in the weeks to come. 


Access Post-Storm Damage 

Analyzing and assessing storm damage is critical to receiving full coverage for your home. Walk around your property and take pictures of any and all damage that occurred to your home. This enables you to compare your pictures to damage allocations from adjusters.


Call Your Insurance Company & File A Claim

Your first phone call should be to your insurance company after the storm. Starting the claim process quickly can speed up the process and have your home back to normal faster. Provide images to your insurance company and explain how the damage occurred. Answer any questions your provider may have and they will send an adjuster shortly. 


Walk with the Adjuster

When the adjuster arrives at your home, walk through the property and home with him or her. This will enable you to understand how the adjuster determined your return amount and will help you see the payment differences between the adjuster and the insurance companies.


Choose a Local Repairman

After receiving approval for your repair work, choose a contractor that has the local experience to complete quality repair work within the allocated budget. Choosing a out of town contractor can result in questionable work and upcharges for distance. Research and find a quality, local home improvement contractor that can provide the results you deserve during a time of need.

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