Prepping Your Home For Summer Savings

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Summer is right around the corner and just like us you're ready, but is your home? Energy costs to keep your home cool during those hot summer days can put a big hit on your bank account. We have good news for you though, there are ways to save on enegery costs and we're going to help you do just that.

What makes a home energy efficient

There are several different factors when it comes to how energy efficient your home is. We're going to go over a couple of them for you right now.

  • Windows: It's no secret that windows are the most important part of a homes energy efficiency. Low quality windows not only let the heat in but can also let your homes cooling escape. There are a few things you can check to make sure your homes windows are doing the job.

    First check for any drafts. Drafty window are a sure sign that you need replacement windows. Are they single pane or double pane? Single pane windows don't have any protection against the summer heat. Double pane windows help to trap the heat between the two layers to keep it out of your home. Do your windows open properly and do they open enough to be able to use them at night to save on running the A/C? At night you can open up windows in your home to create a cross breeze instead of running your homes air conditioner. Last but not least, do you have blinds and/or curtains over your windows? This is another important addition to help keep the heat outside and not in. 

    So you've checked your windows and you've determined that they aren't up to the job. So what next? Lucky for you windows have come a long way. Vinyl replacement windows are the new standard for homes. Check out our Windows page to learn more!

  • Roof: Your homes roof is the first defense against the summer heat. If your roof cant stand up to the extreme temperatures, your homes energy efficiency is going to suffer. A roof should be inspected twice a year. First going into the summer and second going into winter. Roof replacement is needed anywhere between 20 and 50 years depending on the roof material and quality that was used. 

    Your homes roof should always be inspected by a professional however there are warning signs you can catch yourself. A leaky roof is the first sign that your roof may need to be replaced. This is something you should have a professional look at immediately to prevent further damage. Another sign of a bad roof is finding roofing material in your homes gutters. 

    Check out our Roofing page to learn more about roofing material and what options you have for a roof replacement. 

  • Cooling System: None of the above matter if you home doesn't have a working cooling system. Having your air conditioning system serviced every year is very important in preventing you from paying more in energy costs. So is there anything you can do to help your cooling system run efficiently? 

    Check your filters! This is something that's very easy to do however can have a huge impact on your homes ability to cool. Close vents to rooms that are being used and make sure that the vents are open in the rooms that are. 


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